MBC Video uses state of the art video equipment and sophisticated editing equipment capable of retaining the highest quality video images with computer generated special effects.

These services are available for your business:

  • Time-lapse recording (with webcam possibilities) for construction sites
  • Training & Trade Show videos
  • Commercials & Infomercials
  • Videotaping of Business Seminars, Meetings, Lectures and Conventions
  • DVD Duplication & Editing
  • Aerial Videos
  • Video Slide Shows

Meetings and Seminars are of great value to your employees, so why not record them for all those who were working at the time and couldn't attend.  Or for the new employees who need to know the information to make them outstanding employees.  Build a library of videos for training and basic knowledge of the company policies and guidelines.  All projects can be formatted for web insert.

Our 25 years of industry experience gives creativity and customization to your business and message.

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