MBC Legal Video Services

MBC VIDEO's Legal Video Services
(Formerly Legal Video Specialists, Inc.)
We have been providing quality legal video services to the local community and have been a member of the National Court Reporters Association as a Certified Legal Video Specialists since 1992.  We work hand in hand with the court reporters to make sure the documentation of all depositions observe all laws, rules and orders of the court relating to the proceedings.

MBC VIDEO provides the following legal video services:

  • Accident & Site Documentation
  • Day in the Life Documentaries
  • Depositions
  • IME (Independent Medical Exam) video
  • Synchronization of transcripts with video

Contact us to see how our services will fulfill your legal video needs.

14415 N.E. 64TH ST.  REDMOND, WA 98052  •  O: 425.885.7934   F: 425.861.6954  •  MBCVIDEOINC.COM

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